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Pottery Workshop

Ceramic Supplies

At Sullivan Pottery, we are dedicated to providing you with everything you need for your ceramics projects. We carry a full range of ceramic supplies, including glazes, equipment, clay, tools, pottery wheels and more. We are proud to offer products from popular brands such as Amaco, Mayco, Laguna, Coyote, MKM Pottery Tools,  Spectrum, Garrity, Kemper, MudTools, and more. Stop by our studio today and pick up everything you need. 

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We are a Laguna distributor and carry a full selection of Laguna clay. If we don't have it in stock, we will order if for you. We can fulfill your order, whether it be a single bag, or a full pallet of clay for schools, pottery studios or classes. 

Clay Bowls for Sale


We offer a wide range of glazes, including Laguna, Amaco, Mayco, Spectrum, and more. We also carry underglazes, additives, and everything you need to apply the finishing touch to your work. 

Clay Hands


If you need pottery tools, ribs, bats, wheels, or kilns, we can provide that for you. Stop by today and let us help you fully outfit your studio. 

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